Joey's portfolio

Brier town homepage
As part of my DesignLab course, I reimagined the homepage for my town with a more modern look. I have made available a wireframe, some intermediate versions, and the final design. I have also rendered the front page in HTML.
Collaborative crossword app
I made this app to help my family solve crosswords collaboratively across multiple timezones. Since there is only one user (myself) who creates crosswords, the create workflow is not as nice as it could be. The solving page is used by multiple people (where "multiple" is defined as "five"), so it is somewhat nicer. The source code is on GitHub.
Bricks puzzle solver
As an exercise in functional programming, I wrote a solver for Brickscape. The UI is written in Elm and compiled to JavaScript. The server, including the solver, is written in Haskell. Links: Live version, GitHub.
Universal Paperclips in Elm
After wasting a weekend on Universal Paperclips, I decided to write a clone in Elm. Links: Live version, GitHub.